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I'm Patrick, upholsterer and decorator in Fumel, Lot-et-Garonne department (find us on the 🌍) and I teamed up with my friend Christine, a needle and thread expert. Christine ran the shop I'dé à coudre  (play on words in French with "Sewing Idea" & "Thimble")  in Fumel and obviously, now with the pair of us, we had to change our name and so we became Des 2 Mains  (meaning "With Both Hands")

I have a passion for breathing new life into tired and tatty upholstered furniture, and Christine is passionate about sewing and fabrics. I actually like sewing too, so we both work really well together!

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and your interior decoration and renovation projects. We're 100% committed to meeting your expectations.👍

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What we offer

Customer feed-back

Warm welcome, professional advice and quality work. If you want to give some punch to an armchair or something else, go see Patrick and Christine.

(Sylvaine 01/2022)

(translated from the original in French by Google)


Monsieur is the upholsterer and Madame the sewing queen. Really great!

(Didier Boddaert 10/2022)

(translated from the original in French by Google)

Patrick is the epitome of harmony and style. With Christine, they are complementary and can each individually meet the expectations of their customers. She does alterations, makes curtains, blinds, covers, cushions and he renovates sofas, armchairs and chairs, but also enjoys sewing

(Dominique - La Dépêche 01/2023)

(translated from the original in French by Google - with a little human help!)

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